Kimiko's Japanese Home Cooking 

kimiko's Japanese home cooking

I am a Japanese home cooking Personal Chef, Cooking Instructor and Kitchen Organizer. I am a certified Food Protection Manager with a B.A. in Interior Design and Management. Originally from Japan, I grew up on semitropical islands in Okinawa Prefecture, at the southern end of the Japanese islands. This area is known for its healthy diet and the longevity of its people. The base of my cooking is Okinawan, which has heavy influences from both Chinese and Japanese cooking. Because my parents were busy running clothing stores, I, as the oldest of four, started cooking for my family when I was ten years old. This taught me the pleasure of sharing meals and cooking for people.   

I started teaching Japanese home cooking classes at Mississippi Market Coop in 2014 because I wanted to spread Nabe, a Japanese hot pot dish, to Americans. Nabe is a tasty, fun and healthy winter home meal that brings people together around a steaming pot in the middle of the table. Everyone takes from the variety of vegetables, tofu, meat or fish directly from the pot and dips it in a  wonderful sauce before eating. Since those first Nabe courses in 2014, it has been my pleasure to teach other Japanese home cooking secrets and culture with people who are curious and love food.

I will prepare regular Japanese home cooked meals or cater small parties for you—doing it all from start to finish: shopping for quality ingredients, cooking, serving, storing and cleaning up. A warm Japanese home cooked meal can be waiting when you come home from work, or I can prepare a party with Japanese hot pot dishes or hand rolled sushi!


An American friend once commented that “the Japanese turn everything into an art.”  He might have been right about that, but we are also very efficient. “Open the Box" is my kitchen organizing business. The kitchen is an important and sacred place to produce healthy food to nurture us. A well-organized, aesthetically pleasing kitchen is a nurturing place to work. As a designer and cook, I provide organizing ideas and organizing services according to the unique needs of the people who use the kitchen. This service could be a great gift for when people move, get married, or are remodeling.