kimiko's Japanese home cooking

This photo is an example of  a Japanese meal.

basic japanese cooking with miso soup

Saturday, May 28th, 2016  1 - 3 PM          

at Mississippi Market, East 7th Store
740 East 7th Street, Saint Paul, MN 55106

Come join us to learn very basic of Japanese cooking with Miso soup. Please sign up at Mississippi Market.

Mississippi Market Member $30  Non-member $35

‚ÄčThe price of the class includes a complete meal

Rice and Miso soup are the critical components of a typical Japanese meal.  A  Japanese meal has a few side dishes that accompany the rice and Miso soup.  Usually the side dishes are a combination of a fish or meat dish and vegetable dishes.  I'm going to show how to create a simple Japanese meal with a healthy Miso soup with wakame and tofu, Japanese style rice, grilled fish, simple vegetable pickles, boiled spinach and cold tofu.    While a typical Japanese breakfast has fewer dishes, dinner has a lager variety, so we are going to create a dinner and enjoy the meal at the class.  The class includes a whole meal.