kimiko's Japanese home cooking


Wednesday, May 27 th, 2015  6-8 PM          

@Mississippi Market, West 7th Store

Come join us to learn how to make Japanese Savory pancake Okonomiyaki. 
Sign up at Mississippi Market.

Mississippi Market Member $30  Non-member $35

​The price of the class includes a complete meal


Okonomiyaki is a food of ordinary Japanese people which comparable to hamburgers to Americans. Okonomi means “what you like,” so the name implies the casualness. It is a healthy Japanese pancake which mostly filled with thin sliced cabbage and put together with flour and egg and added with variety of ingredients such as thin sliced pork.  Japanese love this dish because it is healthy and perfect for a casual party to cook at the table top to share with everyone and also eaten as a snack, lunch or dinner.

I'm going to demonstrate how to prepare it, and we are going cook it together at the table to share.  

This photo is an example of Okonomiyaki.