kimiko's Japanese home cooking

vegan japanese meal 

Friday, April 24th, 2015  6-8 PM          

@Mississippi Market, West 7th Store

Come join us to learn how to create a tasty and nutritious vegan Japanese meal. 
Sign up at Mississippi Market.

Mississippi Market Member $30  Non-member $35

​The price of the class includes a complete meal


It is simple to prepare a Japanese meal as a vegan. There is no dairy in traditional Japanese cooking, and few dishes require eggs. Also you can create wonderful "Umami" with Kobu seaweed, dried Shiitake mushrooms and soy sauce without fish or meat.

Japanese call rice “main food,” and “one soup and three dishes” accompanying the rice is the basic structure of a Japanese meal.  I’ll explain how to create a balanced vegan Japanese meals. I’ll demonstrate how to make a wonderful Miso soup with Kobu seaweed broth, Hijiki seaweed dish, spinach dish and Natto (fermented soy beans).

This photo is an example of a vegan dish.