kimiko's Japanese home cooking

traditional japanese okinawan spare rib soup with Kobu seaweed 

Wednesday, March 25th, 2015  6-8 PM          

@Mississippi Market, West 7th Store

Come join us to learn the savory of Okinawan soup. 
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​The price of the class includes a complete meal


The semi-tropical Okinawa prefecture in the south end of Japan where I am originally from is famous for its people's longevity and the unique diet. Okinawan cuisine is a cross between Chinese and Japanese. It incorporates a variety of seaweeds in many dishes, particularly the Kobu seaweed, which is rich in minerals. It is said that the combination of pork, tofu, seaweed, variety of vegetables and low sugar and salt is the reason for Okinawan's longevity.

There are many wonderful soups that use Kobu. I'd like to introduce the one of the most traditional soups of Okinawa, the spare rib soup. Its broth is made with bonito fish, and it has plenty Kobu seaweed, spare ribs, daikon radish and carrots.  ​It comforts you in cold days with rich nutritious ingredients.

This photo is an example of Okinawan spare rib soup.