kimiko's Japanese home cooking

This photo is an example of  Bento box.

bento: japanese lunch box

Saturday, October  29th, 2016  1 - 3 PM          

at Mississippi Market,  East 7th Store
740 East 7th Street, Saint Paul, MN 55106

Come join us to learn how to make a Bento box. Please sign up atMississippi Market.

Mississippi Market Member $35  Non-member $40

​The price of the class includes a complete meal

Bento box gives you a pleasure of opening a creative, beautiful, tasty and healthy gift.  Japanese spend time and energy to prepare Bento for their love ones often by utilizing the leftovers from dinner.  Elaborated large Bento boxes are also perfect for picnic parties.  I'm going to explain the tips to create a Bento, demonstrate how to prepare it and each of you are going to practice making rice balls and put together your own Bento.