kimiko's Japanese home cooking

Kimiko's Japanese Home Cooking 

I am a Japanese home cooking personal chef, cooking instructor and kitchen organizer. I have a certificate of Certified Food Protection Manager, and a B.A. in Interior Design and Management. I am originally from Japan. I grew up on semitropical islands in Okinawa prefecture which is located at the southern end of Japan, and is known for longevity and the healthy diet. The base of my cooking is Okinawan, which has heavy influences from both Chinese and Japanese cooking. I fell in love with Japanese cooking when I went to Tokyo to go to college. 

I started teaching Japanese home cooking classes at Mississippi Market Coop in 2014. I wanted to spread Nabe, a Japanese hot pot dish, to Americans. Nabe is a perfect tasty, fun and healthy winter home meal to bring people closer. loads of variety of vegetables with some tofu, meat or fish are cooked in a pot at the table for everyone to take food directly from the pot and dipped it in a  wonderful sauce to eat while warming up the room with the steam from the pot. I realized that not many people know about Japanese home cooking in the U.S. It has been pleasure to share Japanese home cooking and culture with people who are curious and love food.

As an oldest child of four, I started cooking for my family since I was ten years old because my parents were busy running clothing stores, and I learned the pleasure of sharing meals and cooking for people. I will prepare regular Japanese home cooking meals or cater a small parties starting shopping for quality ingredients, cooking, serving, storing and cleaning. Warm Japanese home cooking meal is waiting when you come home. Or have parties with Japanese hot pot dishes or Hand Roll Sushi!

"Open the Box" is my kitchen organizing business. The kitchen is an important and sacred place to produce healthy food to nurture us. Well organized kitchen is like a well functioning machine. It is more pleasure to work with. As a designer and cook, I provide organizing ideas and organizing services according to the unique needs of the people who use the kitchen. This service could be a great gift for when people move, married, after remodeling the kitchen.