My name is Kimiko Molasky.  I'm originally from Japan.  I have a B.A. in Interior Design and Management; however, I started teaching Japanese home cooking classes at Mississippi Market Coop in January of 2014 where I work.  

I wanted to spread Nabe, a Japanese hot pot dish, to Americans. Nabbe is a perfect winter dish Because it warms up the room. It is very healthy because it includes many varieties of vegetables, and it is a great socializing dish, as it is cooked at the table as everybody eats. But I realized that not many people know about Nabe in the U.S.

As an oldest child of four, I started cooking for my family since I was ten years old because my parents were busy running clothing stores, and I learned the pleasure of sharing meals and cooking for people. We had six family members at that time; however, every night I cooked for ten people because on any night some aunts, uncles or cousins could show up unannounced and join us for dinner. I loved the spontaneity and the big family meals.

I grew up on semitropical islands in Okinawa prefecture. It is located at the southern end of Japan, and is known for longevity and the healthy diet. The base of my cooking is Okinawan, which has heavy influences from both Chinese and Japanese cooking. I fell in love with Japanese cooking when I went to Tokyo to go to college.  

Cooking to me is gathering together with people; thus how you eat is as important as quality of the food. When I think about cooking, visualizing how people are sharing the cooked meal is essential. In my mind, the memories of my childhood's large and lively family dinners in Okinawa are still alive. I have raised my children with Japanese and American food, and dinner time was sacred family time. I feel deeply passionate about sharing my knowledge of Japanese family cooking and culture.


kimiko's Japanese home cooking